Our Commitment


Bank PHBC’s engagement with the society is specifically focused at the youths. The National Scholars Scheme, our flagship Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, focuses on the pro-active orientation of the Nigerian youth as a pivot for change in the society. For millions of Nigerian students, attaining a secondary education is challenging, and the hope of tertiary education dismal. It is against this backdrop that the National Scholars Scheme was developed to provide access to education and mind development for students in Nigeria’s public secondary schools.

It continuously provides total scholarships to 20 brilliant but indigent students in each of the schools we partner with across the country. The scholarships provide the entire spectrum of levies, exam fees, books, uniforms, sandals, and school bags in addition to monthly stipends.

To communicate the power of knowledge and inculcate the love for reading, the scheme also builds and stocks libraries with relevant books – in conjunction with national and international foundations, and individuals – in all the key subjects for the secondary schools nominated by state governments across the Federation.


Bank PHBC has simultaneously engaged in several other programs aimed at engaging the intellect of the Nigerian youth productively In January 2007, Bank PHBC produced the highly successful and intellectually stimulating business reality programme, THE INTERN, which held Nigerians spellbound in every of its 39 episodes; bringing families together in what became a weekly “MBA Class” in living rooms across the country.

At the close of THE INTERN, Bank PHBC offered employment opportunity to the ten participants on the show. An independent research survey carried out by a foremost research firm, Research International, underlined the show’s uniqueness: an astounding 95% of respondents profiled agreed that it was a very educative programme.

In the same year, Bank PHBC partnered with the British Council by sponsoring the International Young Creative Entrepreneur (IYCE) Programme. The IYCE Programme is a global British Council initiative which identifies and rewards talented, young (ages 25 to 35), and creative entrepreneurs working across the vast spectrum of the creative world.


We provide an enabling environment for our employees to realize their potentials, ensure that they are among the best professionals around by virtue of their training, which we believe will make us win in the market place. Consequently, we have on board people who are linked, one to the other, by a common thread – professionalism and superior experience, which will directly impact on the way our Customers’ needs are met, using global standards.


Bank PHBC places strong emphasis on shareholders’ wealth maximization. We have consistently paid cash dividends to shareholders in the last two years. We also made a bonus issue (1 for 4) in the 2007 financial year. Our share price delivered a capital gain in excess of 500 percent in the last two years.


We have put in place the structures, the people, technology in an innovative working environment to continue to deliver above industry average performance that will see us emerge as a top five bank in Nigeria by 2010. Our pan-African strategy is on course with recent acquisition of a top bank in Gambia and will see us operate from strategic African countries within the same period.